SC Galaxy Care strongly believes that our customers’ home is of vital importance to their wellbeing.

Home should be the place where you feel comfortable, safe and secure. We offer services tailor made to the needs of the individual as well additional services for your home.

So what makes us different to other care agencies?

lewishamLogoWell, in addition to our extra services, our carers are more than just employees, they aim to build a long standing bond with you based on trust and respect. One of our clients is Lewisham Council.

Our staff care for you as if you were family! Our goal is help you to maintain your independence and dignity and to ensure that your home remains your sanctuary!

Our Story

Florence worked hard all her life, paying thousands to the state in order to be looked after in her senior years.

She also found the time to support her son and daughter in law, helping them to raise her grandchildren however she could.

She is a homely, but sociable, and a proud and independent lady. She is always telling anyone that cares to listen that she is the same age as the queen of England!

Caring for Florence as she aged into retirement, it became apparent that she moved a little slower, became more forgetful, simple chores were more challenging and had difficulty in understanding modern technology and the changing world around her.

Complicated medical terminology used by healthcare professionals to describe her ailing health left her bemused.  We shared her tears, as she lost loved ones and friends dear to her, making her face the prospects of loneliness.

However, we wrapped our arms around Florence, ensured she was not lonely, looked after her wellbeing by supporting her and guiding her through the fast paced ever changing environment she calls home.

Florence is the Grandmother of Mike Lewis, one of our founding Directors and is our inspiration behind SC Galaxy Care.

We would like to wrap our arms around you too.